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Asset Condition lists

2023, November 15: Eversource local system plan and asset condition listing

2023, October 24: RSP final asset condition list

2023, October, Draft

2023, June

2023, March xls

2022, October xls

2020, March xls

2019 October pdf

2019 June pdf

2019 March pdf

2019 March xls

2018, October xls

2018 October pdf

2018 June xls

2018 June pdf

2017 draft Asset Condition list

2017 draft project list

2017 June pdf

2017 June xls

2017 March xls

2017 March pdf

2017, June xls

2017 June draft RSP project list

2016 draft Asset Condition list

2016 October draft Asset Condition list

2016, June Asset Condition xls

2016 March draft Asset Condition list xls

2016 October xls

2016 October pdf

2016 draft RSP project list xls

2016 March draft RSP project list xls

2015, October: RSP oroject list

2015 June draft RSP list xls

2015 May project list xls

2015 March draft project list xls

2015 RSP draft project list xls

2014 RSP overview: "Several developers have proposed Elective Transmission Upgrades, which are in various stages of study and development. These projects could increase New England’s tie capability with its neighbors and improve access to renewable sources of energy. For example, certain generators are considering elective upgrades as a way to mitigate the curtailment of wind energy resources. The ISO will continue to monitor the outcomes of these upgrades and their impacts on system conditions and needs. The ISO has initiated an effort to improve the existing process for reviewing ETUs"

2014 October RSP project list xls

2014 june rsp project list xls

2013 March project list xls

2012 June project list xls

2012 March project list xls

2012 October project list xls

2012 October project list pdf

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