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Jericho State Park

Jericho State Park Land and Water Conservation Fund grants and inspection reports|

June 2007:SB 143 “An ATV or trail bike trail may be established and subsequently maintained within Jericho Mountain state park even though it: Is within 330 feet of a known raptor nest provided that it is not within 650 feet of trees with eagle or osprey nests; or Fails to comply with the criteria in RSA 215-A:43, II(o) and (q) to the extent that it is utilizing an existing surface roadway located within the protected area which would reduce adverse environmental impacts.”

Winter 2011: Modeling least-impact ATV trails in Berlin, NH with established fine-grained evaluation criteria (RSA 215-A: 43) Shawn C. Herrick University of New Hampshire, Durham

"for all documents in possession of DNCR/BOT responsive to the requirement that the Androscoggin Valley ATV Club, in consultation with the State, shall monitor trail use at Jericho State Park and ensure that ecological conditions of the trails are not substantially diminished by OHRV use." No documents responsive to this request were found.

OHRV Club grants for Repairs of damage to Jericho OHRV "Trails."

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