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Asset Condition documents

Asset Condition Lists

2023, November 15: Transmission corporation authored guidelines for asset condition presentations

2023, November 15: Eversource TOPAC (Transmission Owners Planning Advisory Committee) presentation to PAC

2023, October 18: NETO (New England Transmission Operators) asset management 'improvement' process presentation

2023, September 15: Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office Feedback Regarding the New England Transmission Owners August 8, 2023, Letter and Proposed Guidelines for Asset Condition Project Presentations


2023, September 14: Consumer Advocates of New England letter to PAC re. Asset Condition problem

2023, September 7:questions for Eversource upcoming X-178 so-called asset condition project, presentation to the PAC

2023, August 19: k. pastoriza comment on draft PAC presentation outline.

2023, August 18: Office of the Consumer Advocate reply Brief DE-23-056

2023, August 16: k. pastoriza comments to PAC

2023, July 14: NESCOE Asset Condition Request to NETOs

2023, June 30 NESCOE request to Eversource for more information on a non-Asset-Condition project.

2023, March: Asset Condition map

2023, June: Asset Condition map

2023, March: Eversource asset condition projects NH pdf

"The rebuild of the X178 line did not require the acquisition of additional ROW as it was placed off center within the existing ROW, leaving space for future use of the ROW. The load in this area [and others] has not required the upgrade of the remaining sections of the X178 [and other lines]."

2023, June, final project list presentation

2023, May: Synapse asset condition letter

May 2023 asset condition presentation

2023, February 8: NESCOE asset condition letter

2022, March: final project list presentation

2021, June: ISO regional planning needs and solutions

2019: What the PUC said about Asset Condition projects

Decrepit (?) Eversource poles left by bus stop

2023 line map, Deerfield area

SegTel and Eversource fiber optic case

Techno-economic comparisons of hvac and simultaneous AC-DC transmission

Condemnation deed, X-178, Easton. Reasonable need, no 'intelligence' rights

Typical X-178 ROW deed, no transmission of 'intelligence' permitted.

New 115V tower, partial image, no dimensions

acknowledgement of petition

petition for review of eversource asset condition projects

supplement to petition

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